Survey 500

First Name......................................
1. Do you consider yourself to be a believer in God?
2. Do you have a Bible that you call your own?
3. Are you an active member of any church, synagogue or mosque?
4a. Have you always been a believer in God?
4b. Was there a turning point in your life that caused you to become a believer?
5. Since you have been a believer in God, have you ever been Born Again?
If yes, do you know when that took place?
6. Do you have an opinion as to why college students seem to drift away from church and religion during their college years?
7. If you would like to go to Heaven when you die, would you tell us why God should let you in?
8. Would you be interested in receiving the results of this Survey 500 as to how you compare with others?
If yes, we need your last name and address:
If no, would you please tell us what state you are presently from:
9. Would you share with us, if you have any, your greatest question or doubt concerning God and the Bible?
10. Did you feel uncomfortable or offended by any questions on this survey?